Thursday, 21 August 2014

Transgender Boxing Promoter Kellie Maloney Opens Up About Her Troubles To Be Excepted In The Big Brother House

Last week news broke that former boxer promoter Frank Maloney came out and admitted that he is now living as a woman called Kellie.
Well on Monday Kellie entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and just as she steles into the house she has opened up about her troubles to be excepted as a woman.
Talking to boxer Audley Harrison and actor Gary Busey on Wednesday she said:
'I've never been so content.
'Because I was living a lie all the other times, a total lie... Before I accepted Kellie... I was so judgemental of people. And it was so wrong.
'When you think of it, it's not right. You shouldn't judge people... Because you're hiding something.'
 Kellie continued:
'For me, I came into this to help discover myself. That's the reason I came in here... I'm telling my story. I don't care if I'm voted out in the first [week]. I've won just coming in here.'
Audley then said to Kellie:
'I have to understand you. But when you're judgemental you can't understand anybody else. You can't understand yourself.
'So it makes you feel better to take the heat off you to then throw the stones the other way and then it's like, "Hey, I don't have to look at myself."
'But look at you now - you've let yourself go... Now you can live an authentic life.'
It’s good that Kellie is now happy and feels like she can be herself now!

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