Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Justin Bieber Teases Orlando Bloom After The Restaurant Bust-Up As He Shares Photo Of Miranda Kerr Online

In the early hours of this morning Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom had a scuffle resulting in Orland punching Justin in the face.
Well now it’s been said that just before the punch Bieber can be heard shouting 'Say hi to Miranda for me!’ to Orlando.
This comes after a few years ago Justin was spotted getting flirty with Orland’s former wife Miranda Kerr.
Then with Justin being the child that he is he decided to cause more trouble by sharing a photo of Miranada on his Instagram account then quickly deleting it.
Reports said that a few years ago when Justin performed at the Victoria's Secret show in 2012, him and Miranda got very flirty at the hotel after the show.
It’s looking more and more like the the row was all over Miranda now.

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