Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Jeremy Kyle Gets Pepper-Sprayed While Filming A TV Show In Magaluf

Sources have been reporting that Jeremy Kyle was pepper-sprayed in Magaluf while filming a TV show.
It’s been said that after the assault happened Jeremy’s bodyguards carried him off back to his hotel room.
Kyle was trying to enter a night club when one of the bouncers on the door sprayed him in the eyes with the spray.
A ITV insider has told the Mailonline that this wasn’t the case!
ITV said:
'Jeremy was walking around the strip with his film crew on Friday night when someone in the busy crowd sprayed the spray above their heads.
'They decided to vacate the area to be on the safe side, as the spray was starting to have an affect on the eyes. Jeremy wasn't trying to get into the nightclub and wasn't refused entry by a bouncer.
'He is filming in Magaluf for an upcoming series which is expected to run next year and one episode will focus on the youth culture in the area.
'It's a separate project to his daytime show and will appear in an evening slot.'
Since the news broke a photo has appeared online of Jeremy being carried away by his security team.

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