Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cheryl Cole Thinks Simon Cowell Was ‘Right' To Sack Her From The X Factor US!

Cheryl Cole has agreed that Simon Cowell was right about booting her of the X Factor US.
As you may know when Simon first sacked her she was NOT happy at all and sent a number of explicit messages to the music mogul.
Talking recently Cheryl admitted that she now is feeling ok about talking about when Simon sacked her.
She admitted:
'can talk about this because I'm OK about it now. But I went through hell and it literally drove me mad. I became so desensitised, you could say terrible things to me and I wouldn't even think about it.
Now I can say that Simon was right to get rid of me. I wasn't well in the head when that was going on, so it wasn't going to work. But he wasn't right not to tell me to my face.'
Cole then admitted that she 'lost herself' back in 2013 and she even admitted that she "felt like a nervous breakdown".
It seems the last couple of years haven’t been the b set for Cheryl but hopefully she’s back on track now.

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