Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sharon Osbourne Says Simon Cowell Only Wants ‘Skinny And Young' X Factor Judge As She Co-Hosts Loose Women

Sharon Osbourne has admitted that Simon Cowell only wants ‘skinny and young’ X Factor judges on the show.
Talking on Loose Women what she co-presented yesterday the former X Factor judge said when Jane more asked her what does Simon see in judges she said:
‘You've got to be very skinny, very young...’
Then Sharon was asked if Simon Wants someone who will stand up to him she admitted:
‘No, he'll tell you what to say, he'll tell you what to do. You go, 'Oh I want that one.' He goes, 'No you don't.' 
Then you go, 'Oh, no I don't. No, no, no.' You've got to be able to be told what to do and that's why I can't do it because I'll end up giving him a...’
Mrs O then admitted that you have to have a 'total understanding of the music industry today’ to be a judge:
‘I think you've got to have a total understanding of the music industry today and you've got to have an understanding of marketing because it's not just about the best voice, we know that, you've got to tick all the other boxes - you've got to have likeability, you've got to have charisma, you've got to know how to work with an audience. 

‘You can have the best voice in the world but if you've got no likeability you're done.’
Sharon also then went on to say that she ‘can’t go back’ to the show even if she wanted to and also said that she loves the show.

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