Monday, 23 June 2014

Pitbull Flips His Middle Finger As A Poses For His Graduation Photo

Pitbull may be one of the most successful singers but that hasn’t stopped him from going back to school and graduating.
Along with the photo above Pitbull shared the graduation photo online along with the caption of:
for those that didn't believe #dale
Completely true.
Then Pit said during his graduate speech:
"I remember being kicked out of a public school because I didn't have the right address. That's why I want better schools for the kids who live where I grew up. That's why Doral Academy was founded, and that's why I helped create SLAM [Sports Leadership and Management Academy] in the neighborhood where I grew up…a school that offers a choice for students, like me, students who need someone to inspire them, someone to believe in them."
Good for him.
[Photo Via : Twitter]

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