Monday, 16 June 2014

Phillip Schofield Opens Up About His Weight Loss On Alan Carr Chatty Man

Over the last year or so Phillip Schofield has lost so much weight and now he has opened up about the diet on Alan Carr Chatty Man.
As you may know Phillip has been doing the 5:2 diet but now he has admitted that his diet has caused him suffer hallucinations.
Talking to Alan Carr he said:
"I saw a picture and thought, 'You look a bit porky'"
"I wanted to be 11st. It took nine or ten months and now I am" 
Now Phill only eats 500 calories a day and fasts for two but this sort of diet doesn't come without it’s consequences.
Schofield admitted:
"My stomach is now so small I have hardly any appetite and can't keep weight on,"
"People say, 'Are you alright, are you alright?'"

"I have had hallucinations."
Since being on the diet Phill has lost a whopping two stone and looks great for it.
Good for him.

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