Thursday, 26 June 2014

Niall Horan Asks Fans To Stop Throwing Stuff On The Stage

Niall Horna has taken to his Twitter to ask fans to not to throw items on the stage while they are performing.
At a recent concert Niall was performing when a item hit his knee and cashed him to hobble off the run way of the stage.
The singer was said to be in 'a lot of pain’ after the item hit him and taking to Twitter last night he tweeted:
"Amsterdam thank you for a great couple of shows! Appreciate you coming.”
"Also guys! Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please! Coz somethin thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!”
"Never wana sound like I'm complaining! But only having my operation 5 months ago, I still get a bit of pain and I'm very scared about it,"
It is really dangerous because the boys dart around the stage like flees and it’s a massive hazard.
Poor Niall.

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