Thursday, 5 June 2014

New Video Of Justin Bieber Using The N-Word Released!

At the start of this week Justin Bieber was forced to apprizes after a video was published of him using the N-word when he was 15.
But now another video has been uploaded to the web of her at the age of 14 using the n-word over and over agin.
In the video Justin was joking about the  KKK and killing and "N-word”.
The video was sold to celeb gossip site TMZ of Bieber before he was famous and he was sining a racist song.
In Justin’s apology statement he said that he was too young to know what a hurtful word the n-word is but it seems like he should use words that he doesn’t know the meaning of.
Source have reported that Justin told  Will Smith and Usher about the video many many years ago way before the video went public yesterday.
Where is it going to end?

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