Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lindsay Lohan Strips In London Department Store!

It seems Lindsay Lohan just wanted to flash the flesh recently in London.
According to new spruces while Lindsay was shopping in London she enter a department store and decided to take all of her clothes off and strip lol.
According to The Sun newspaper customers and staff where completely shocked to see the star running around naked.
The source has said:
"Lindsay took some items into the changing room. Halfway through, she ran out of the room with nothing on and was chased by members of staff who were trying to cover her up.
She was laughing her head off and literally giving staff the run-around as customers looked on."
The source then said that Lindsay was meant to meet with a persona shopper but had to cancel the shopper because of what happened:
"Lindsay was booked in for a personal shopping experience with a posh brand at the shop later that day, but it didn't happen."
It seems Lindsay’s fund side came out lol.

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