Monday, 23 June 2014

Kelly Clarkson Is In No Hurry To Lose The Baby Weight!

These days after celebs give birth it’s  on the top of their list to get rid of the baby weight.
Well now Kelly Clarkson has admitted that she is in no hurry to lose the weight.
A source has admitted:
"Don’t get me wrong, she’s determined to lose the baby weight and certainly doesn’t want to stay at the weight she’s at, but she’s in no rush. Right now she’s just relishing in her daughter and everything that motherhood has to offer."
Kelly has worried about her wight over the years and her image but now the source has said that her husband Brandon Blackstock, isn’t worried about what she looks like at all.
The source continued to say:
"Of course Kelly wants to be healthy and she has gym equipment in her Nashville home that she’ll utilize, but all that matters to her is her husband and baby. Kelly has a huge fan base and they will stick by her whether she’s stick thin or huge."
Kelly only gave birth at the start of this month so she doesn't ned to worry about losing the weight any time soon!

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