Sunday, 29 June 2014

Justin Bieber Just Cant Keep His Eyes Off Amber Rose's Cleavage

Recently Justin Bieber posed for a photo with Amber Rose and he just coulnt help himself from his wondering eyes.
Just as the photo was taken Justin looked down at Amber’s cleavage that was clearly on show.
Amber then shared the photo online and said:
'The Biebs @justinbieber wanted a pic with Muva and I him. He's a sweetie pie.'
Muva being the name that Amber calls herself.
Someone who was at the Bootsy Bellows where the pair where commented:
'Justin walked over to Amber’s private table and they began chatting. They talked for more than 15 minutes - and even exchanged numbers. She was smiling and laughing.'
Justin then tweeted saying that he had a 'good night’.
Humm we bet he did staring at Amber’s chest all night lol.

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