Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jennifer Lopez To Perform At The World Cup!

Last week it was reported that Jennifer Lopez was going to perform at the world cup.
Then it was reported again that she wasn’t because of "production issues” but now it’s been confirmed that she will perform.
As you may know Lopez and Pitbull made the FIFA World Cup anthem, so it’s only right that they perform in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A insider at the World Cup has said:
"She had wanted them to cover everything for her, from private transportation, to her hotel and the costs associated for her entire entourage."
Then when the news broke that she wasn’t going to perform the backlash was so great she just had to perform:
"The backlash was so significant that she decided that she needed to attend."
Is this because of her good looks lol.
It is only right that they perform because they did make the song.

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