Thursday, 5 June 2014

Is David Beckham About To Come Out Of Retirement?

Is David Beckham About To Come Out Of Retirement?
It’s looking like David Beckham might be coming out of retirement.
He may be 39 but now David has hinted during a recent interview that he might be coming out of retirement to play again.
During the interview he said:
"There's never been a player-owner but maybe?”
"Now I go to watch a basketball game and, when you are watching athletes play at the top of their game, it gives me that itch again and I want to be back in the game and I start thinking to myself 'Could I play again? Could I go back? Could I come out of retirement and start playing again?’"
Since David retired a number of years ago now he’s enjoyed lots of resting time and being with his family.
What do you think would you like to see him come out of retirement?

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