Monday, 30 June 2014

Holly Willoughby Is Going To Work Until She Goes Into Labour!

With Holly Willoughby about to give birth in September she has admitted that she is going to work until she’s about to give birth.
As you may knoW Holly host’s ITV’s This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield, Monday’s to Thursday’s and views have noticed her getting bigger and bigger.
Talking to The Mirror Holly admitted:
 “It's so hard to know when I'm going to go into labour.
"I'm just going to keep working until one day I don't come back in again. That's what I've done before.”
Holly then went on today that she can work for along as possible because she’s sitting down for all of her work:
“My job is sat on a sofa. I'm sitting down all the time on ‘This Morning’, and on ‘Celebrity Juice’ I'm behind a desk. So don't feel too sorry for me.”
One thing you can’t take away from Holy is she is very hard working.
At the moment the producers producer are torn between Christine Bleakley and Emma Willis to take over for Holly while she’s away.

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