Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Harry Styles’ Sister Gemma Styles Fancies One Direction Band Member Niall Horan

Since Niall Horan has been in the public eye he’s been linked to a number of celebrities but now he may be linked close to home.
Harry Style’s sister Gemma Styles has been rumoured by her brother that she has a little crush on Niall and Harry is trying to hook them up together.
It’s been said that Gemma has had a trash on Niall for a 'while now’ and a source has told Heat magazine:
'Harry thinks Gemma's had a crush on Niall for a while. At first, they were just mates, but as they got to know one another recently, they've become more relaxed in each other's company and it seems it's turned into her fancying him.'
The source carried on:
'He'll punch her in the arm and make jokes like they're mates. They're in touch all the time. Niall's so earnest and a real trier. She loves that.'
Humm who knows could we be seeing a new relationship and could you imagine if they got married Harry and Niall will then be related.

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