Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Good Morning Britain May Be Replaced With Children’s Cartoon’s If It Gets Axed!

As we told you earlier this morning about Good Morning Britain could be facing the chop after ratings have failed to be success.
Well now it’s been reported that the show may be replaced with children’s cartoons!
A TV insider has told The Sun:
‘No-one is expecting to beat the BBC and no one is expecting to get over a million viewers. But we do want it to get above 15 per cent – or it is toast’
They also said:
Peter Fincham has too much riding on this’ the source added, ‘It will get at least six months. Then it could just go and be replaced by cartoons.’
Peter Fincham being the boss of ITV.
It is a shame because the show really hasn’t had time to shine but maybe it would be better off being replaced with children’s cartoons.

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