Thursday, 12 June 2014

Claire Sweeney Announces The Sex Of Her Unborn Baby And She Already Has A Name!

It was only last month when Claire Sweeney announced she is having a baby but now she has announced that she is haven a boy and she already has a name.
Talking to OK magazine the actress admitted:
"I'm having a boy and I'm calling him Gabriel because he's my little angel,"
"I thought it was a beautiful name but I might see him and decide on something else. Initially I wanted a girl but I've got my head around it now and as long as he's healthy, I'm happy."
Claire found out that she was having a baby just weeks after splitting from her fiancĂ© Daniel Riley.
She carried on in saying:
"I kept it quiet during my first trimester. I wanted to make sure the baby was ok because of the two miscarriages I had before,"
"I just wrapped myself in cotton wool. I didn't discuss it with anyone - that's the reason I didn't announce this pregnancy until I was five months pregnant; I wanted to keep it private and safe."
"I love being pregnant – it just feels exactly the right time in my life.

"I'll probably have this little boy and I'll think, I want some more, why didn't I do this years ago? Or I might think, one's enough, the little bugger!"
Bless her.

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