Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bailiffs To Enter The Big Brother House Because Housemate Mark Byron Owes £1,000!

Big Brother’s Mark Byron likes to gob off and shout (que the scouse accent) F**king gob shite at people but it looks like the next person he shouts at will be the bailiffs.
Mark owes the bailiffs £1,00 and according to sources they are about to enter the house to take what he owes out of his £5K winnings that he won at the start of this years series last week according to new sources.
The landlord, David Dowie has said the following:
 “I was watching ‘Big Brother’ and he was sat in the diary room and had won that money.
“He was saying he was going to use it to buy a pug dog.
“I don’t have someone living in that flat for the high life, it is because it helps to balance the books.”
A Channel 5’s spokesperson has said the following:
 “We will deal with any legal procedures as is required.”
Ohhhh that’s so not good!
Maybe he will pay up next time!

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