Sunday, 25 May 2014

Zayn Malik Buys His Girlfriend Perry Edwards’ Mum A House!

Zayn Malik has proved that he’s the best son-in-law and payed for his girlfriend Little Mix’es Perry Edwards a house!
Perry offered her mum to pay for the mortgage but Zayn decided to buy the whole house.
A source has said:
"Debbie has been saying how she's got a new house. Perrie was going to get the mortgage for her and then Zayn offered to buy it outright. She is just moving stuff in now.
It costs more than £200,000 and is a new build. He's a really nice chap for buying the house. It's a lovely gesture ahead of their wedding. He gets on really well with her family."
 He’s so generous.
Debbie must be so happy.

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