Friday, 30 May 2014

Want To Have A Holiday With Ben Fogle? You Can As He Hosts A £5,000 Tour Of Ecuador

If you have ever dreamed about going on holiday with Ben Fogle then your in luck but you have to be rich too.
Now for £5,000 you can have a tour of Ecuador and ben will be your guide but he will only stay with you for one evening.
The 11-day Highlights of Ecuador has been created by Ben himself and a fan of South America who fell in love with the place after he decided to  touring around the continent on his gap year.
Travellers will travel from capital Quito, around Ecuador and then have a  five-day cruise around the Galapagos Islands.
Then you will meet Ben in Quito and settle down for dinner to hear his tales of his adventures.
We have to say it does sound very nice but it’s a lot of money.
It’s good that Ben will be telling his stores about his travelling but maybe he needs to stay on the tip for a little longer than just one evening.

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