Thursday, 15 May 2014

UK Most Rich List Released See Who’s The Richest Person Is Music Is HERE!

She may only have two albums out but that’s been enough to make Adele the most  richest musician in the UK.
Over the few years she’s been famous it’s earned her a whopping £45m just by selling the two albums, interviews and photoshoots.
Calvin Harris and Cheryl Cole follow Adele with Calvin, (£30M) and Cheryl (£16m) and then the One Direction boys with £14M each.
Have a look at the top ten list below.
1. Adele (£45m)
2. Calvin Harris (£30m)
3. Cheryl Cole (£16m)
=4.Niall Horan(£14m)
=4. Zayn Malik (£14m)
=4. Liam Payne (£14m)
=4. Harry Styles (£14m)
=4. Louis Tomlinson (£14m)
=9. Leona Lewis (£13m)
=9. Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan (£13m)
11.Katie Melua: £12m
12= Jessie J: £10m
12= Florence Welch: £10m
14 Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys: £9m
15= Charlotte Church: £8m
15= Ted Dwane, Mumford & Sons: £8m
15= Ben Lovett, Mumford & Sons: £8m
15= Winston Marshall, Mumford & Sons: £8m
15= Olly Murs: £8m
15= Dizzee Rascal: £8m
15= Emeli Sande: £8m
15= Jamal Edwards: £8m

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