Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Taylor Swift Is About To Be Hit With A Lawsuit For Calling Her Merchandise Lucky 13!

If your a fan of Taylor Swift you will know that she loves the number 13 and it’s her lucky number but recently it hasn’t brought her much luck.
The singer has just been hit with a law site for calling her Merchandise brand Lucky 13.
Robert Kloetzly has filed a lawsuit against Taylor as he says that she ripped off his brand name for her own items.

Merchandise are things like clothing, accessories and things like that but it seems like it could get very nasty for Swift because Robert has said that he though of the name before Taylor used it.
Robert described Taylor as:
"fast cars and dangerous men who drive them inappropriately"
Hummm it’s true but does he have proof that he thought of the name first.
Also Robert has included Taylor's I Knew You Were Trouble music video as he says that the video is misleading and it could have been a ad for his clothing line.
Koletzly now wants all the profits that she made from the slogan.

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