Friday, 9 May 2014

Sharon Osbourne Says Talent Show Are ‘Too Boring’!

Sharon Osborne has slammed taken shows and said that they are ‘too boring’.
The former X Factor and America's Got Talent judge spoke on Conan O'Brien's show, saying that they are all really boring.
Talking on the show she said:
"Too contrived, boring, boring, boring. If I see another judge cry, and then as soon as they go out the door, we burst out laughing,"

"Contestants have either got one lung, one kidney, or they've all got somebody sick in hospital.

"It is like, 'Oh lord, shut up and sing'."
If we are completely honest we think she’s nothing but a big  hypocrite.
There she is slamming the shows but if she gets asked to be a judge on them again she would jump at the chance.
She’s just looking for attention.

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