Friday, 23 May 2014

Rita Ora Talks Long Distance Relationship With Calvin Harris

With Rita Ora and Calvin Harris working really had don their music around the world it’s hard for them to spend any time togehter.
But now Rita has opened up about her long distance relationship with the Dj and said that it makes her ‘pretty sad’.
Speaking to The Mirror, Ora admits:
“You have to fly each other out, you just have to,”
“Sometimes you fly for 20 hours, sometimes you only fly for five hours. It’s an effort, but you make it work.”
“I’m not a fan of long distance relationships. If you had a choice, you want that person with you. It makes me pretty sad. But you work with what you’ve got,”
The good thing is is that they both can afford to fly and see each other also they get to see different parts of the world doing this.

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