Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rihanna Had 'Confidence Prepping’ To Cope With Performing In London

When you think of Rihanna you think of this very confident you lady but it seems that’s simply not the case.
It’s been reported that Rihanna had ‘confidence prepping’ to cope with her London gig two years ago.
The singer visited Natalie Thomas for the confidence prepping when she was going to turn the christmas lights on at Stratford in 2012.
Natalie was offered a whopping £500,000 to do the job by Riri’s manament just as she was about to walk out on stage at the event.
Talking to Yahoo Celebrity Miss Thomas said:
 "I prepped her before she went on stage. It wasn't full-on counselling or life coaching sessions, but we did some prep work together."
It’s good to know that really she’s just like us and she still needs a little help with her confidence.

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