Saturday, 3 May 2014

Peaches Geldof’s Husband Tom Cohen ‘Not Under Suspicion’ According To The Police!

The police have ruled out that the husband of Peaches GeldofTom Cohen is not ‘under suspicion’ of Peaches death.
DCI Paul Fotheringham has released a statement saying:
“He has not been arrested or interviewed under caution and there is no plan to do so.
“The only statement he has provided related to his discovery of Peaches' body, which is a standard requirement. Our investigation into the supply of drugs is continuing and remains a live investigation.
“Inaccurate reports have also been made suggesting that no drugs paraphernalia was found at the address, with suggestions that the scene had been 'tampered' with prior to police arrival.
“While no detail will be provided around specific items, to prevent further speculation I will confirm that contrary to rumour in the media my officers did seize drugs paraphernalia from the address on 7 April.”
Investigators and now looking into finding out who supplied Peahces with the drugs.

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