Saturday, 24 May 2014

Nick Grimshaw Hates Being Papped!

Nick Grimshaw knows nearly every famous person out their and likes to party with all of them.
But now the Radio 1 DJ has admitted that he 'hate’s being papped' and it’s ‘not his fault that he knows famous people’.
Talking about being papped Nick said:
 “I hate being photographed. I really do. It’s not my fault I know all these people – if you spend an hour interviewing someone on the radio then you get to know them and they become your friend.
“I work very hard. I go out and do things people want to do and then I talk about it. I am honest. I’m just me.”
The trouble is when your best friends with stars like Katy Perry, Cara DelevingneKate MossHarry Styles and plenty plenty more your going to be papped.

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