Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lily Allen Turned Down Game of Thrones Role With Brother Alfie Allen!

Lily Allen has said that she was offered a role on Games Of Thrones with her brother Alfie Allen but turned it down because the role involved he being in a relationship with her brother and he would have had to feel her up.
Lily said that she felt the role would have been ‘incestuous’ and not right.
Alfie said yes too being on the hit show as he plays Theon Greyjoy and Lily would have played a character called Yara.
Talking about the role Lily said:
 "I've been asked to do a Game of Thrones cameo, they asked me if I'd be interested in playing Theon's sister, and I felt uncomfortable because I would have had to go on a horse and he would have touched me up and sh--. Once they told me what was entailed, I said no thanks. I would be open to doing a musical cameo like Sigur Ros, though."
Luckily the role wasn’t waisted and went to a actress called Gemma Whelan.
Lily did the best thing it would have been a little weird to be in a relationship with your brother.

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