Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lady Gaga Forced To Cancel Seattle And Vancouver Shows Because Of Bronchitis

Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel two of her ArtPop Ball tour due to illness.
The singer broke the news on her Twitter account announcing that she will not be able to perform her Seattle and Vancouver because she has Bronchitis.
Taking to Twitter Wednesday night Gaga said:
'My deepest apologies to Seattle and Vancouver, we'll reschedule those shows & be back to make it up to you. I monsters. #sadgaga (sic)'
'I'm devastated I'm unable to perform this week. Ursula took my mermaid voice I've come down with horrible Bronchitis. (sic)' 
Even though the concert was cancelled fans still queued outside the venues because lots of them made long journeys.
Gaga will now rest and hopefully she will be well enough to perform on Monday in  San Diego.

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