Thursday, 29 May 2014

Justin Bieber In Alleged Fight With Fan!

Over the last few Justin Bieber has been trying his hardiest to clean up his image but now it looks like it may be going down hill.
New reports have said that Mr Bieber has gotten into a scuffle with one of his own fans!
Justin was at a nightclub in Cannes with his bodyguard when a young woman jumped   over the wall to the area where Justin was sitting.
Witnesses have told sources that Bieber tried to get the girl away from him and she fell back on the sofa that he was sitting on.
The report goes on in saying that the pair had a little scuffle and shoved each other around a bit before Bieber’s bodyguard pulled the girl away.
He then calmed down and enjoyed the rest of his evening.
He really needs to think before he acts!

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