Thursday, 15 May 2014

Justin Bieber ‘Calls A Woman A B***h’ For Taking Photos Of Him The Same Day As He Snatched A Lady’s Phone

It’s good to see Justin Bieber behaving himself.
The teen singer as gotten himself into more shot water on the same day he snatched a woman’s phone out of her hand and refused to hand it back he has called a woman a B***h for taking photos of him at the horses stables.
Melinda Giel-Murray has told celebrity gossip site TMZ that she saw Bieber at the horse stables in Burbank, CA that he was at recently and decided to get a snap of him.
The lady then said that when the singer called her the name four of his security team rallied around her to block her from filming him on her phone.
She also said that the 20-year old was acting 'very strange and nervous' before they moved to another part of the stable.

The Mail Online have connected Justin’s people for a comment but they refused.
What does he expect he’s one of the most famous people on the pant so he’s going to get people taking photos of him.
He really needs to stop think that he’s the only one that matters in this world and grow up.

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