Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Jamelia Says: Beyonce And Jay Z ‘'Not A Real Couple''

Yesterday on ITV’s Loose Women the girls started off the show talking about the fight that broke out between Jay Z and Solange.
Panellist Jamelia knows Solange and Beyonce and has toured with them a few times so she decided to speak about how she feels about the fight.
While she was talking about the going on’s Jamelia said that Beyonce and Jay Z never acted like a real couple when she was on tour with them.

Just as Jamelia said this Twitter went crazy with people tweeting having ago at Jamelia and sticking up for Bey and Jay.
One person tweeted:
"It's a good thing Loose Women have Beyonce & Jay Z expert, Birmingham born Jamelia, on hand to dissect the Solange situation."
Another wrote:
"Jamelia wants to be relevant so bad, on Loose Women like "I've been in the same room as Jay and Bey before and they don't seem loved up”
You see no one talks about Beyonce and Jay Z in a bad way.

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