Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fans Take To Twitter To Complain About Animal Planet Scraping The New Series Of Monkey Life

Earlier this morning we told you about Animal Planets decision to not air the new series of Monkey Life because they 'can’t find a slot’ to air series 8 of the show.
Well now fans have taken to social medial to air their views about the wonderful show that follows the daily life’s of the staff and apes at Monkey World in dorset,UK.
One person said on Twitter:
CAN NOT BELIEVE IT - @AnimalPlanet is not running #MonkeyLife series 8. Lets hope it moves to a better channel!
Another said:
Why won't Animal Planet show the next season of MonkeyLife@monkeyworld
Twitter user John Leister said:
We completely agree.
The show is verity popular and a delight to watch so they really should have hard think about trying to find a space to air the new series.
PS. A petition page has been set up to keep the show on Animal Planet if you have a little time please could you sign it? CLICK HERE.

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