Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fans Pay £236 To Meet Avril Lavigne But Are Not Allowed To Touch Or Stand Near Her!

During a meet and great with Avril Lavigne fans where told that they where not allowed to touch Avril or to stand near her.
Fans payed a whopping £236 to meet her and all they got was a awkward photo like you can see above.
According to new reports the fans where only allowed to say “hey” to the singer and have a quick snap and then where rushed out of the room.
But it seems not all the fans has this treatment because Avril shared a photo of her with some other fans and they clearly where toucing.
The photos above and below where from the same meet and great and as you can see it’s clearly not fair because they all payed the same amount of money to meet Lavigne.
This is not on and unfair.

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