Sunday, 25 May 2014

Courtney Love Talks About How She Tried To Save Peaches Geldof From Taking Drugs After She Found Her With A Bag Of 500 Pills!

Courtney Love has opened up about the time she found Peaches Geldof with a bag of 500 pills and how she tried to save her from a life of drugs.
It was in Los Angeles where Peaches was visiting along with a friend and according to Courtney she was carrying around a bag of prescription drugs.
Talking recently Courtney said:
"My drug was heroin, I stopped taking it in the 90s, but I have taken the pills, the Roxycontin, Oxycontin. Peaches was in a room with a friend who had a bag full of these drugs, like 500 pills and I wanted it so badly, never have I ever wanted anything more - no man, no money - and I had to physically push Peaches and her friend out of the door.”
She carried on:
"I was shaking and I kept thinking of the way her mother died and I thought I owe it to this girl to be an example. I was trying to help her, but at that point in her life, it proved to be impossible. Now the parallels to her mommy are horrific. It terrifies me for my own child."
The good thing is is that Courtney tired her hardiest to help Peaches but sadly it clearly failed.
[Photos Via: Twitter]

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