Saturday, 10 May 2014

Courtney Love Admits She Loves TOWIE And Made In Chelsea As She Appears On Alan Carr : Chatty Man

Courtney Love last night appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man to talk about her new tour.
During the interview Courtney admitted To Alan Carr that she a lover of UK reality shows including The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea.
Love said:
'I love c**p British TV. I love TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, stuff like that. I live for it. I don’t like c**p American TV.
'The Housewives [of Orange County] really drive me nuts. I’d love to see the Housewives of Birmingham or something. That would be great. Get them with their nails out!'
Amy Childs, that was the first one I was interested in. She’s just so ‘hi’… I’m not knocking her, we have the Kardashians.'
The UK reality shows are better than American one’s we can agree on that there’s more drama and we would say less staged but that’s not the case.

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