Monday, 19 May 2014

Brooklyn Beckham Gets A Saturday Job In A Coffee Shop In London!

He may have two of the most famous parents in the world but it seems Brooklyn Beckham just wants a normal teenagers life.
Son to David and Victoria Beckham has been said to have gotten himself a £2.68 an hour Saturday job in a London coffee shop.
Because of Brooklyn’s age he can’t work longer than seven hours a day doe he will be given an hour’s break after four hours.
One of the members of staff that work at the coffee shop that Brooklyn will be working at didn’t want to be named but confirmed that he has gotten a job with them.
One Twitter user and a fan of the teenager tweeted:
‘Good on Brooklyn Beckham who’s got himself a job in a coffee shop at 15 when he could just lay back in a life of luxury!’
A very close source to the family has said that he was encouraged to take the job by his parents.

Like people have said on Twitter good on him.
We can just see hundreds of screening girls wanting coffee now.

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