Thursday, 22 May 2014

Benefit Street’s White Dee Has Her Benefits Frozen After She Has The Time Of Her Life In Magaluf

She found fame at the start of this year on Benefit Street and for the last few weeks has been living the celebrity lifestyle drinking £500 bottle of Moet Champagne and downing shots but now the party is well and truly over for White Dee.
It’s been reported that White Dee who’s really name is Deidre Kelly has had her benefits capped.
Dee has been claiming the Benefits because apparently she’s too deposed to work.
Her £101-a-week employment and support allowance has been frozen and now she could face an investigation by welfare inspectors.
Also since she was on Benefit Street Dee has been payed to appear on many show like ITV’s This Morning two times and others.
Also it’s been reported that she will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house later this year and has also hired an agent.
To be completely honest we think they made the right decision and ALOT of people would agree.

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