Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Loose Women Go Makeup Free Live On Air!

The Loose Women ladies always look glamour-us as they cheer up our lunchtimes.
But today the girls decided to ditch the makeup live on air as they whipped it off with wet wipes.
Myleene Klass, Andrea McLeanLinda Robson and Clair Richards all ditched the makeup as they interviewed the girl who invented the Cancer selfies 18-year-old Fiona Cunningham.
Grabbing her phone Andrea said:
'This is us raw, make-up free! We don’t normally allow phones in the studio for obvious reasons, it interferes with the microphones but today we’ve made a special allowance just for you Fiona and your campaign.'
It’s good to see the Loose Women getting into the spirit of the selfies.
They are very brave.
Have a look at their selfies.

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