Saturday, 26 April 2014

Justin Timberlake Gives $4,000 Tip To Waitresses!

Justin Timberlake has been feeling generous lately.
During a recent trip at to a club Justin decided to give the waitresses a whopping $4,000 tip!
The singer was with a group of 25 friends at the Crystal Cologne club in Cologne, Germany where he decided to put on a performance of bits from his 20/20 Experience World Tour on Sunday and Tuesday! 
Justin was invited fro free drinks and he must have thought that the waitresses where doing a good job because then he handed them that massive tip.
Timberlake stayed at the club until 4:30AM and accruing to one of the waitresses:
"We were all really amazed."
He’s so generous but when you have the amount of money he has you can afford to hand money out like that.

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