Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Jessie J Admits Her Bisexuality Was A ‘Phase’ And Now Admits She Wants To Date A Man!

Jessie J has admitted that being bisexual was just a ‘phase’ and now she would like to marry a man,
Talking to The Mirror's 3am on Monday the singer admitted:
'For me, it was a phase,'
'But I’m not saying bisexuality is a phase for everybody.
'I don’t regret anything I ever said, but I never knew back then that whatever I said became a fact that I couldn’t change. I want to stop talking about it completely now and find myself a husband.'
'It’s a true struggle. All the chick flicks that didn’t make sense to me, I now understand – Sex and the City is real!'.
'And I feel more comfortable in my own skin now than ever before. I refuse to feel boxed and judged because of how I felt once! A long ass time ago. People change.'
Over the few years since she became famous Jessie has become just as famous for her being bisexual as her music.
Jessie also took to her Twitter account on and said:
'I fancy/date/love men and only men.'
This is massive for Jessie she’s so brave.

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