Friday, 4 April 2014

James Franco Has Been Messaging And Flirting With A 18-Year-Old Scottish Girl!

James Franco is most teenaged girls dream boyfriend but for one 18-Year-Old girl from Scotland this dream could have become a reality.
Lucy Clode is currently on holiday in New York when she revived messages from James who she meet and had a selfie with the night before.
In a series of messages James asked Lucy if she had a boyfriend?, how long will she be in New York for? and lots more proving that he was clearly interested in the 18-year-old bearing in mind he’s 35 years of age.
During the messages Lucy didn’t believe that it was the real James messaging her so she asked him to sing a piece of paper and send it to her and as you can see below he clearly did that proving that it really was him.
Have a look at a a few screenshots from the messages that Franco sent to her.

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