Sunday, 6 April 2014

James Arthur Gets Fired By Simon Cowell!

James Arthur Gets Fired By Simon Cowell!
In the just under two years since James Arthur won the X Factor he has caused so much drama and media attention.
But now his boss Simon Cowell has decided to fire James and drop him from his record label Syco.
A source has told The Sun on Sunday's Dan Wootton:
'He has done himself no favours with his outbursts,' the source revealed. 'It's as if he's almost willing Syco to drop him.
'Simon and Syco have been extremely loyal to Jams throughout his problems but there's only so much they are prepared to put up with.
'It feels like the end of the road for him at Syco - James has been his own worst enemy.'
Since winning the show James has only released one album and a few singles so it’s clear to say his career is down the drain already!

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