Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Eastenders’ Star Fatboy Played By Ricky Norwood Suspended From Soap After Naked Video Leaks Of Him Smoking smoking Marijuana

He’s one of the soaps most loved characters.
But now for actor Ricky Norwood who plays EastendersFatboy the last day or so has just been like a storyline.
A video or Ricky naked and smoking marijuana has been released and now bosses of the soap have suspended Ricky for two months.
It was yesterday when it was reported in the press that the video had got out.
A source has reported:
'EastEnders is a family soap and the bosses don't tolerate any of this sort of behaviour.
'This is incredibly reckless by Ricky given his position on a BBC family soap. He's seen as a role model.
'It's made very clear to cast members that they have to behave, especially when it comes to sex and drugs.'
Not good news for fatboy!
We wonder what Dot thinks of this lol??

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