Monday, 21 April 2014

Britain's Got Talent loses 2 MILLION Views In The Second Week!

Last week we told you that Britain’s Got Talent receive the biggest view ratitings it ever received but now it’s a diffrent story.
On Saturday night the show was down 2 MILLION views and viewers described the second show as  ‘scripted’ and ‘predictable’.
This series attracted 10.5million views but Saturday night it  just managed to get 8.3million.
Taking to Twitter viewers said:
'I have decided that BGT is a load of scripted rubbish.’ 
Another said:
‘BGT is so scripted, Simon has gone round YouTube seen some acts and paid them to come on.’
It’s a massive drop!
Last week prodders from ITV where talking about how happy they where with the ratings but we doubt they will be this week.

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