Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Zac Efron Says He Would Be Up For Another High School Music Film And Says 'We're Thinking About It!'

Zac Efron has said that he would like to make another High School Musical film and said that it’s in talks!
The actor shot to fame when he stared in the first High School Musical film in 2006.
Talking to E! news he admitted:
"We're all thinking about it. I continue to see all the guys from High School. Every time we do…there's just this look between us. It's so cool because we never forget a single moment of that experience. It brings you right back to those days."
The HSM films where a massive success and very very popular worldwide so this would be a welcome return.
The trouble is all the other actors from the film are busy with other films so will they have the time to make another film??

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