Friday, 7 March 2014

Zac Efron Had His Sober Coach With Him At The Oscars!

With their being lots of alcohol at the Oscars Zac Efron decided to bring his sober coach along with him so he doesn't fall of the wagon.
The actor has been in rehab twice in his 26 years of life and he clearly doesn't want a third.
A source has reported:
"Zac had a sober coach with him the entire time he was at Dolby to monitor what he was doing and to make sure he didn’t partake in any substances like drugs or alcohol. The coach was there to escort him to the bathroom or backstage, anywhere he needed to be where temptation might arise.”
Zac has been sober from alcohol and drugs for eight months now and his doing really well.
Brining his sober coach was decently the right move.

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