Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wild Miley Cyrus Fan Gets Arrested For Trespassing After He Snuck In To Her Dressing Room!

A massive Miley Cyrus fan has been arrested after he snuck into her dressing room backstage at her concert!
 Tucker Salvesen was at her concert in Omaha last Wednesday when he decided to sneak backstage to try and meet his idol.
According to reports the 18-year-old said to team members that he worked for the arena and was given a VIP pass.
The VIP pass only allowed him to access certain areas and when Tucker was inside he wrote a letter to the international singer.
He then took lots of photos of the sign on Miley’s door and he even has the same tattoo’s that Miley has and in the same spots she has them.
A police report has said:
‘I snuck back here I need to meet you. You have helped me so much your music has given me all the answers I was looking for when my heart got broke ... we went through the same thing @ the same time ... Miley I love you!!! Please let me meet you.'
Not the best of ideas.

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