Monday, 17 March 2014

Viewers Slams Christine Bleakley This Morning Hosting As She Stands In For Phillip Schofield!

All last week ITV kept airing a trailer of Holly Willoughby and Christine Bleakley about them joint hosting This Morning for Monday and Tuesday of this week.
But now viewers have not been impressed with Christine’s performance on the show as she was compered to a ‘vase’ and pulled off a ‘wooden performance’.
Bleakly is standing in for regular host Phillip Schofield as he’s off filming another show and viewers where quick to air their views on Twitter.
One Twitter user tweeted:
‘Christine Bleakley is just sitting there like a vase’.
Another said:
'Cant stand that Christine Bleakley! Why she’s hosting This Morning i do not know #BADCHOICE'
One person tweeted saying that they think Christine will stand in for Holly when she leaves on her maternity leave:
'Oh! Not Christine Bleakley standing in for Phil, I can see where this is going when Holly's on maternity leave.' 
We have to say she didn’t pull of the best performance!

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